Jul 092009

The war between Google and Microsoft is really heating up with Google’s promise of a new operating system and Microsoft’s new bing or ping or whatever it is. Out of sheer lazniness in trying Ping, I searched an article I wrote a decade ago in Wired. In both google and bing I found a Polish article referring to my work. Each search engine allowed a translation. bing’s was “As Michael Goldhaber: the importance of our lives is expressed, which spend us other. Without devoting attention life would be worthless,” whereas Google’s was “As Michael Goldhaber writes: The meaning of our life is a criticism that we spend more. Without attention to the force would be negligible .” Quite a competition, wouldn’t you say?

As nearly as I can tell, what I actually said was “Meaning is conferred by others through paying attention. Without attention life is not meaningful.”

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