Nov 082006

On this blog, I don’t normally discuss raw politics or admit my preference for Democrats, but tonight, I am celebrating, so here goes:

The Democrats manged to flip about 53 seats in the House. I notice an interesting pattern. Every single one of those flipped districts was adjacent to one or more existing Democratic districts. SEE MAP

Democratic tendencies are spreading, oozing, perhaps, like blue maple syrup on a waffle. Neighbors don’t let neighbors vote Republican. Or grass-roots campaigning still actually works, or something similar…
(I participated in the effort to elect Jerry McNerney (D) over Richard Pombo (R) in the California 11th Congressional District, which had been gerrymandered so as to include the maximum number of Republican voters, to keep the surrounding seats safe for Democrats. That was supposed to make this a very safe Republican seat. Pollsters in the know said it was a hopeless campaign for a Democrat. We went ahead anyway, with many in the SF Bay area putting time into the campaign –and it worked.)

Today more of the waffle, tomorrow the whole waffle! You heard it here first.

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