Jan 142007

A move towards a more complete Attention Economy seems implicit in this Taiwanese idea for “web 3.0.”

  One Response to “A "user's" web?”

  1. I just discovered you tonight. I think that you are really thinking about the right things. I’ve been thinking about this distracted society and the problem of attention, trying to articulate it to myself. You are making progress in this but, no offense, but I wish you could be more prolific and productive in your output. I watch my 20 and 17 year olds grapple with virtually unlimited opportunities and watch them flit from one myspace to the next; one video clip to the next and wonder…What have we wrought.
    Your analogy that cyberspace is similar to the New World and how it toppled its fuelers is interesting…keep up the good work..i don’t find many pursuing this crucial line of thinking…but perhaps publish more, please while NOT paying any attention to your fervent politics which only distract you from the important task you are pursuing.

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